Introducing the Sliver - 400!

   Sliver 400

With a first place win in the 2000 NATs, a second and third place finish in the 2001 NATS, and current fast time record holder at 75 seconds-you know this is one hot airplane! Four time AMA NATs winner George Parks III says: "The Sliver is the best racer out there and I am happy to endorse it!"! Designed by 2000 USA FAI F5D team member, the Sliver's low wing loading, long aspect ratio and V-tail make for the tightest turning racer you have ever seen!

Not Racing? As the largest 400 racer on the market, the Sliver makes an exceptional sport plane. At 165 sq. in., it will thermal like a glider, but it's low drag makes for superior performance on lower power motors like the Astro Brushless 010, or 7.2V Speed 400. With a good build job, it can easily be built under 12.5oz RTF with a Sp400 in it! This translates to very low landing speeds and eager aerobatic ability with even low lowest dollar powertrains. The Sliver has flight characteristics that are like a .40 size pattern plane than similarly sized airframes. The tracking and response to control input make for an airplane that you drive around the course rather than follow along for the ride.

If you want something different and are tired of flying racers that take 10 minutes to swap a pack out, are difficult to see, and glide like a crowbar, then the Sliver 400 is for YOU!


165 square inches
34" span
RG-14 airfoil
Sheeted foam wing
glass/kevlar/carbon fuse that will fit up to 1350mah cells
laser-cut motor mount
pre-bent aileron and V-tail linkages
Sheeting and most wood/hardware included


$80 for a basic kit, and $135 for a sheeted wing kit. Shipping
and Handling in the USA are $7.

Options include:

Dyed Fuselage $5
Ultra light race fuse-no charge(.6-.75oz., not recomended for beginners or
rough fields)
Skin-hinges in a pre-bagged wing $5

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